Should i finish responsive web design before starting challenges?

Hi There,
So i am a complete beginner. i have finished basic html and html5 and basic CSS. i would like to practice and was attempting to do the tribute page challenge. I found it a bit more difficult than i thought i would. Do you recommend i still give it a try or is it best to finish all of the sections in responsive web design before starting on the challenges, to understand it better? Thanks in advance.

HI @muna.ali !

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Since you are just starting out, I would do all of the challenges before diving into the projects.

The projects aren’t going anywhere.

Once you finish the course, you will probably still have to look up things.
But that is normal.

The projects are challenging for most beginners because you are being asked to apply everything you learned from the challenges.

The goal of the projects is to learn how to break things down into small achievable tasks, research, read error messages and ask questions.
These are all vital skills you need to be a programmer.

Also, remember you have only been exposed to these concepts once.
So that adds to the challenge too.

Finish up the rest of the challenges and tackle the project one small step at a time.


Thank you! that very helpful advice. ill finish the course before beginning on the projects!

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