Should I finish webdesigh before moving to javascript and data structures

I was wondering if it was recommended that I complete web design before moving to javascript. I am very new to this and the only experience I have is basic HTML and HTML5 and Basic CSS. Correct me if I’m wrong but javascript is the beginning of coding games I believe. So if I’m wanting to code games is it needed that I know how to code websites? Thanks for reading!

I’m new to this too and i think it all relates…
Here’s a you tube channel that is one of the channels i have subscribed to…

I have other game-programming subscriptions on my you tube page, i’m just not sure which ones they are…


It’s not necessary finish web design to start with JavaScript. And to make games you may know nothing about websites, they are two different worlds. It doesn’t mean that things that you learn in one or another world will be helpful in the other.
You may or may not learn coding games with JavaScript, though it is not the best language for that. The most important thing is to learn the basics of programming, and for that the javascript section is good enough! Next step is to learn to make videogames, which is far more than programming (you can even make videogames without programming in some engines). My suggestion is to learn JavaScript from the javascript section, start learning to make videogames, continue with webdesign… When you are comfortable with resolving small problems with javascript, I recommend to switch to C# and start learning Unity3D.
C# is the main language used in Unity3D and is a far more robust language than JavaScript. Unity3D is one of the best engines out there to make games and is relatively easy to learn. You may try others that are more easy before unity (Construct 2 for example).

alright ill check them out!

oh alright thanks this really clears things up.

I’m going thru my subscriptions,not as many on gaming as i thought but here’s another one.


This sites great for canvas and web animations.