Should I just jump into the FCC Beta?

I started FCC back in September… and had a ridiculous October so had to put it on pause. I got to the portfolio part. In the meant time, however, I was reading a bunch of JS stuff elsewhere but with no good practice.

Anyway I want to keep going! But I wonder, should I just start into the beta version of FCC that’d I’ve heard about? Or should I keep going with the old one?
What about my progress so far… does it transfer over?

(I don’t mind doing beta… and I also don’t mind giving some feedback if there are issues etc.)

So sorry if this is basically a duplicate question.

I think I found my answer after reading through a lot of comments on another post.

It seems like progress using the beta will not be carried over once it is live. Correct me if I’m wrong.
So it looks like it’s better to continue with the old version and the progress I have will carry over once the beta is ready. Again, correct me if I’m wrong!

The thing that matters is your projects, not your progress though the various exercises. So though that progress isn’t saved with the beta, it doesn’t REALLY matter as long as you are working those projects and saving them to submit once the new curriculum goes live, which will supposedly be soon.

Okay that’s good to know. I still need to finish my portfolio. I’ve revamped it so many times and I’m close but maybe the new curriculum will be ready by the time I’m done!