Should I just start this survey form over again?

When I first started it, I passed all 17 tests and then I started to fiddle around with it to style it properly and now I only pass 3/17 tests and I am so confused about the formatting. I think I need to rebuild it all over again.

There’s no need to start all over, from what I see from the tests, you are just missing the proper Id’s on inputs and titles. I would say to go over each error message that the test throws and tackle them one by one. That would save you a lot more time versus starting over from scratch.

okay thank you so much:) I’ve been working on this for months on and off.

You’re welcome! If you need any assistance along the way in resolving some of the issues, feel free to post back.

What’s wrong with starting over? I’ve learned much more about projects that I’ve done a second…third time.

There’s no problem is starting over if you want. It’s good in doing so to reinforcing your knowledge, so by all means start from scratch again to familiarize yourself with it. But for the sake of just passing the test, and that you already know the general concepts of html/css, going through and fixing the failing test cases will save much more time.