Should i learn here or somewhere else?


I learned HTML 5 and CSS 3 on, i know all the basics but the problem is i feel like their tutorial does not cover all the details needed to properly learn these two, here are the things i learned but i’m still having some problems with some chapters!

Is there more to learn,? and if so, do you recommend learning on freeCodeCamp or learning somewhere else and then start working on freeCodeCamp’s front end certificate?

I need a website that is free and that teaches you all you need to know about HTML5, CSS 3 and Javascript later.

Thank you :slight_smile:

If you don’t like Free Code Camp, try W3schools.

I did not see freeCodeCamp’s courses yet to know if i like it or not but i’ve read on forums that you need at least a general background knowledge about HTML & CSS before starting on freeCodeCamp’s front end certificate, which i already have this knowledge but i need to learn more.

CSS-tricks is also good

sololearn is good for a basic, comprehensive review.