Should I scrape data and save to database to have access to anime data


I am in the planning phase of building an anime web app that is centered around users being able to watch and download anime. I cannot find an API for this and am thinking about scraping the data from another anime site. Then save it to a database. Also I will be using puppeteer
Edit:I am doing this as a project and just found it interesting to do. I won’t be publishing

I would make sure you are not violating Terms and Conditions by scraping someone else’s data and rehosting it. I doubt you can just scrape the content of others in this way and rehost.

I am doing this as a project and just found it interesting to do

Most likely illegal even if it’s a personal project and you don’t plan on hosting. At the very least you may end up burning your paid account for whatever service you’re using if you violate their terms which most certainly include something along the lines of “no you can’t scrap our data”.

If it’s even technically feasible you might be able to copy the stream using the capture API Capture a MediaStream From a Canvas, Video or Audio Element  |  Web

However, it’s likely the content will be DRM so all you’ll be able to grab from the capture API is a stream of black images: DRM and authentication - Plugins | MDN

I agree, that it does seem like a neat project but most likely not worth the risk or hassle.

You could make the app and just use alternative sources for the video content though.

Actually it is a free to use site I already scraped some links no prob.

The ability to do a thing is not an indication that the thing is permitted by the Terms and Conditions etc

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So then what can happen is they may block your IP which of course you can get around but eventually the new IP will get blocked too.

It depends on the site and what they’ve done to try and circumvent scraping of course and there are a lot of ways to do it.

Either way probably more trouble than what it’s worth. And there’s a matter of ethics too…

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