Should I start Ultimate series java part 3 ( Mosh Hamedani ) or go for front end?

Hey Guys,
Today I just completed part 2 of Ultimate Java Series from Mosh Hamedani.
I was thinking should I start with Html, CSS and JavaScript or First Completed Part 3 of this series. Because I want to become a Full Stack Developer, but I read this article - Fundamentals | Code with Mosh From Mosh. He said it good to clear Fundamentals and suggested java. That’s Why I Started this series.
But Now I am wondering that I should start with front - end.
Please Anyone who have watched that Course Suggest me if I should Finish this and is it really gonna help me in web Development or not?
I have decided that I am gonna learn MERN Stack and get a job or at least develop front-end skills and start with front-end Projects.

It is good to pick a language based on what you want to do. Java isn’t really used much in WebDev nowadays. For WebDev I’d learn JavaScript.

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Yeah That’s what I have been thinking lately. Because I have heard a this from a lot of developers that JavaScript is best for web development.
So should I just switch right away? or complete this course first, only last part is remaining which is 6 hours long.

Hi @suryakaran1234 !

I really like Mosh’s stuff.
I have seen a few of his videos on youtube.

IMO, I think you should just focus on learn web development if you are interested in getting a job in it.

Focus on the three core languages of web development(HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)
Learn the fundamentals and build projects along the way.

The course isn’t going anywhere and neither is Java.
You can always learn it later if you want.

Just focus on what you need to learn to become a web developer.

Hope that helps!

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Yeah That’s a great advice, but I am having second thoughts like if I have already completed 2 parts then I should wind it up first Because if Later on, I will try to do this course then I have to start from beginning right?
I have already made my road map for Full- Stack web development but it’s just that I am confused that, is this Java course worth it or the major concepts that I am gonna learn about this language in part 3 will help in Web Development or not?

The course teaches the fundamentals of programming.
Yes it will help with web development.

But you can learn the fundamentals with any programming language.

Python, javascript, c, java, etc.

If you want to complete the course then it is up to you.
But just completing it will not be enough.

You have to apply what you have learned.
You will need to build projects to apply the concepts you learned in the course or else you will find yourself never mastering the fundamentals.

That’s why I suggested learning javascript because you can learn the fundamentals and build web pages in it.

That’s just my opinion :grinning:

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If you learn the fundamentals well in one language you shouldn’t have to start at the beginning in another language.

The beginning covers the fundamentals like variables, types, data structures & algorithms, control flow, etc.

Those concepts will be familiar to you and you are just getting use to new syntax.


Okay, so that’s the case I didn’t know that, Thanks a lot.
I am gonna start with my JavaScript then. :grin:

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