How much javaSript should i learn?

I am a beginner web developer .
After learning CSS and HTML and R.W.D my aim is to learn 3rd most important language.
but i am not understanding how far i should learn just so i could start implying that knowledge into my websites?
What a web developer should look for when learning JS?
Is there some important part of javaScript that is used in building a website?
If so where should i look for?
Will FCC js course provide that knowledge?.
Should start and dive into that without worry?
What is better for a beginner web developer?
Your answers will help me a lot.

I am curious to hear what the other two are. :grinning:

My question would be, what are you looking to build?
Start with the end in mind.

For example, if you are just building a static restaurant page with menus and store hours, then you probably won’t need javascript.
HTML and CSS is just fine.

But let’s say you are building quizzes for an educational website.
Well, then you can use javascript to create the list of questions, record the answers and keep track of scores.

When to use javascript depends on what you are building.

If this is your first programming language, then you will want to just focus on the basics (loops, functions, conditionals, etc)
That basic knowledge transfers to other programming languages.

As for javascript specific, you will want to get comfortable with es6.

I don’t think there is just one part that is used in building websites.
JavaScript is used to add interactivity to websites.

Here are some common examples of when to use javascript in sites.

A FAQ page where the user can to open the icon and get more details.

Or maybe a countdown clock for a prize giveaway.

The FCC javascript course will provide you with a good foundation to start with.
If this is your first programming language, then it will probably take you longer for the concepts to sink it.
But that is completely normal.

The best way to learn anything well is to build projects.
Once you learn the fundamentals, then you can start to build projects.
Start off with small projects and then keep building on complexity.

Hope that helps!


HTML and CSS are the first two important languages for a web developer.
There might be others but that’s a different topic.

Thanks for your explanation.
I still have some confusion.
Can you share more project ideas for me that requires JavaScript for interactions.

I wrote an article about this but I am technically not supposed to share it here since that would be considered self promotion. :grinning:

But if you google, “javascript projects for beginners” then the top results will be my FCC article

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Hey there!

Learning the top 3 languages is a good start!
However if employability is your concern, then you want to know how to use any language your employer needs.

For this, you need to understand software development core concepts, and not any particular language. Each language has its own nuances, but generally, all languages follow the same core concepts.

If you know one language very well, picking up a new language is generally very quick and simple. It can take less than few days from an absolute beginner to a professional.

I recommend learning python or C# as a foundation until you thoroughly understand the core concepts of software development.

C# is great because the documentation is very thorough.
Most web developers need to know python, r, or java. All of these are a good start.
I would steer away from learning javascript until you have a firm understanding of how to code with any language. - But that is just my opinion.

I hope this helps!

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I will check them out soon after i understand the javaScript basics.
Thank you again.!

Since all languages follow the same core concepts and since i have already started learning JS, I will just follow my needs then learn new language if necessary.
i don’t want to over work myself by learning all languages and not really using them. that would waste my time unnecessarily.

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If you use any sort of frontend view libraries/frameworks you will have to know and use JS. So, React, Vue, Svelte, Angular, etc., all require good JS knowledge.

It is unlikely you can avoid frameworks in professional frontend development.

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I have a very little idea on what React is and what Angular JS does, etc.
Simple single line introduction on them will be helpful.
Thank you!

The Front End Development Libraries part of the fCC curriculum teaches React. If you just follow the curriculum you will learn about it soon enough. And all the frameworks have good documentation you can learn from, plus there are a million tutorials and articles as well.

If you just keep working through the curriculum and follow the normal progression path most people take you will learn about the frameworks soon enough. For now, I wouldn’t worry too much about it and just stick to learning pure JS first.


im a newbie on programming to. i’m about 3 months into the program. i dabbled in some C++ in getting my engineering degree in college but never mastered it. i was thinking of self learning C++ but i decided to follow the FCC curriculum because i can always come back to C++ later. I even tried codewars before FCC and i struggled on even returning 2 arguments . to make a long story short. if you thoroughly follow the curriculum you wil start to grasp the concepts how to make code do certain things. i i didnt start learning until i got to the algorightms section. I actually got a little discouraged thinking i didnnt i was gaining anything from sticking to the curricuum and i took a break on code wars like someone suggested. and i aced through kyu8 with ease. i needed that codewars break to realize how much i learned and it only gets better if you keep trying and struggle through it instead of copying n pasting code. i realize i struggle c++ because i never truly grasped the algorithm part of programming. im still learning it but i felt im better at it before i started. so i agree that you cant go wrong with sticking by the curriculum. and ask questions when your lost instead of copying pasting stack overflow code. not saying u do that but its so easy to get into that bad habit.


Yes, if you go through the curriculum you will see how important it is. I had the same question as I was learning but the more javascript I learned the more I realized how important/powerful it is.


React and Angular and Vue are basically complicated ways of using html and javascript together. But you absolutely have to know js really well to use them. In the USA where I am, React is super super common in front end developer positions, and those are the positions that usually have junior roles. You might want to look at available jobs in your area and determine what skills are in demand, and then guide your learning based on that.

You’re likely to need a solid background in AT LEAST html/css/js. The fcc sections on those three are really quality imo, especially the js section.

Happy coding!


Thanks, that was also helpful in encouraging me to dive in without worry.

Thanks @lawrencek1992 .

You Whooshed out my biggest trouble.

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