Creating sites by using and experimenting HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Right now I say I am comfortable using HTML and CSS. I have experimented using HTML and CSS by copying sites such as BBC News and The Guardian front web-page. I am now happy to use HTML and CSS and the full understanding of their codes such as margins, paddings, the layouts of the page, divs, etc. etc.
I have now been taking notes on JavaScript and watching tutorial videos of the JavaScripts basics such as arrays, the full instructions to make it interactive on a webpage using javascript, functions, variables etc. I would like to continue my progress by copying sites again like BBC and The Guardian but something a bit challenging, in the sense of using JavaScript more. I want to understand more of JavaScript like I did with HTML and CSS and the best way for me to do this is to copy a well-known website or a web-development portfolio or something similar. I have looked around but can’t find any web-pages that I think are good enough to start as a beginner but hoping on this forum someone will know a decent website for me to start and understand how the JavaScript instructions work. Thank you all in advance.
I am now learning jQuery but like I said before I want to get more understanding of JavaScript code.

The reason why most people choose frameworks to implement functionalities within your webpages is because simplicity. Generally, the code becomes a lot cleaner and concise than pure JS. But if you are building an app that doesn’t require any complexities go head and use only JS. Here are couple of hyperlinks on debates of using JS or JQuery.

Also, here is JS equivalents of jquery, if you decide to write one in JS.

Finally, MDN has a really good documentation and examples of manipulating DOM with JS.


I’d suggest starting with something like Javascript30 by Wes Bos ( combined with the JS exercises here. You basically use Vanilla JS (no frameworks) to build 30 pretty cool projects that my give you a better idea of how you could implement JS solutions in a Web project. Trying to find a site and then emulate the functionality will be hard without some major Javascript chops. Hope that helps!

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Thanks! I will read the links you have sent me, however like the Quora link you have sent me and what you have said before “Generally, the code becomes a lot cleaner and concise than pure JS.” Then how important is JavaScript in web-development? I am planning to work on my target/goal as a web-developer but for what I have been told by coders, videos on YouTube or even what I have read online articles JS is the main thing to learn, but I am slightly confused what it is mainly for. Like after working and learning JS it seems other programming languages are easy to follow, but jQuery (I know is a JS library) just seems to easy to understand and use… or maybe I am being too naive as I have just started learning jQuery?.. Basically, JS is something I feared the most before I started coding but in a sense, a challenging fear something I can keep improving on, to keep learning and produce stuff like a web-developer but JS just does not seem to be the case that it’s a huge fundamental programming language. Seem to me it does not need to be well thought to learn JS before working as a web developer because there are other libraries to help you. Unless I am wrong?

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Brilliant mate! This is something I have been looking for, something challenging by using JS. Want something to let me think and figure the instructions of the code before searching online! May I ask do you work as a web-developer? How important is JS in web-development?

It is important because it is the only language to interact with DOM on front-end side, there are no alternatives. All other frameworks such as jQuery or React are actually all written in JS. I think it’s a good idea get some founding knowledge on JS with DOM manipulations before you start learning other front-end frameworks to increase in-depth knowledge of interactions between JS and browsers.

Good luck!

Also, proprietary software that only use basic JS are thing, and you’ll be surprised how often you run in them.