I don't get JavaScript

What is the point of JavaScript? I understand you can do math with it and make part of a program repeat itself a certain number of times, but why is this important for Web Development? I have yet to see something that crosses HTML or CSS with JavaScript. Where does the input from these other codes come in? I know this may sound like a dumb question, but so far JavaScript seems to be in its own little box and the only way to mess with JavaScript is to write more JavaScript

I am also still in the learning phase, however. 1 or the major things you can use Javascript for is to implement API’s.

For example: There are API’s that provide weather information. With JavaScript, you can pull the information you need and push it into HTML with functions to create a Dynamic website (Website with which you can interact). Else, you would have to update HTML every hour manually to update the weather data.

JavaScript basically modifies HTML/CSS automatically/on push of button/ on scroll…etc. Such as this Message that you are reading is/could be coded with JS so you can see my message :slight_smile: Without a coding language such as JS you couldn’t see my message, I couldn’t write this message, in fact, you couldn’t even create this thread!

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The most basic use of JavaScript is going to be interacting with the DOM dynamically. The DOM (Document Object Model) is a global variable defined as document that the browser provides for you, it models the HTML of the webpage, and provides APIs for interacting with it. For example, when a user clicks a button, you could use JavaScript to detect that click, and then dynamically update the HTML on the page.

Here’s an example.



I recommend you read this article

That link’s dead, friend.


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if you are following the freeCodeCamp curriculum, wait for next certification for the cool stuff.
fcc doesn’t do vanilla JS DOM manipulation that others have talked about, but it teaches jQuery, which is a library used for that, and it teaches React, which is a front end framework that can do cool stuff.

Everything you see interactive in the world wide web it is probably done with JavaScript, most often one of the frameworks (ex. freeCodeCamp, this forum, social networks, streaming services etc)


First of all, thank you all for responding to my message. Secondly, I apologize for the late reply. Lastly, here are my reply’s to your messages:


I understand what you are saying, I guess I’m just confused how they work and how they are connected to one another (in broad terms, I know we are all learning how they work, but it’s more like how does an if statement or a while loop work that makes the API react the way it does)


Thank you for your explanation on how the JS was connected to the rest of the page. I now understand a little on how it works. Also, thank you for building that example. I was able to see in simple form how it all connects to one another. (Side Note: I had to make the text color black in CSS to see the text and count you provided. I don’t know why it made the text color white)


Thank you for the article. I have read some of it and it makes sense. I think it will be a good resource in the future.


I am taking their curriculum and I can’t wait to get to the cool stuff, but after reading some articles and watching some videos from the news forum, reading these post and some other post that is on this forum, and fining out in my research that JS is: a) the basis of almost all of the other languages (React, Vue, Angular, JQuery, etc.) and b) supposed to be the simplest language to learn how to code (multiple people’s opinion), I feel like I will have to go back to the first session and make sure I get a good grip on this before I advance further. I have been hitting the “Get Help” button since the start of ES6 and I feel like I may need a better handle on this stuff before I advance to the next certification so I don’t dig myself into a bigger hole.(If I am wrong and you know that most of the learning comes in the projects portion please tell me, I don’t want to go back if i don’t have to, lol :sweat_smile:)

To all:
Thanks again for all of your responses and resources that you have provided. I feel like all of you have answered my question about the usefulness of JavaScript. I will probably have to do much more research to have a decent understanding of it.

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that’s not really true, React, Vue, Angular and jQuery are still javascript, they are frameworks and libraries

you don’t have to redo the whole section, but if you don’t remember what to use to do a certain thing or what a certain thing does, go back to check or google it.
If you solve an allgorithm by looking first at the solution, return to it sometimes later and then do it again without hints this time, to know if you learned it.

as soon as you start hitting stuff that requires you to put together things learned previously, starting for example by the Record Collection challenge, and then the whole Algorithms sections (those you can go back and redo as needed, plus later there is also the Interview Prep Section that’s mostly algorithms to keep practicing)

it’s more, you send a request to the API, the API send back datas. All the stuff you learned so far can be used to build the request and to manipulate the received datas.
I have started recently a small project that interacts with the API of a webapp, the sending the request part is the lesser thing, once you learn the syntax for that, it’s still the manipulating datas that it’s the hard part

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As someone that “redid” the lessons using a different platform. I would say Do not redo it. Although the other platform also taught me some new things, I still find myself occasionally checking the solution.

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I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to say. You don’t recommend that people go back and work on a stronger grasp of the fundamentals because you choose to sometimes look at solutions to challenges?

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What I meant is that going over the lessons didn’t help much in my case. I found that working on side projects and looking over MDN helped me more to grasp the fundamentals rather than redoing the lessons. I think you give yourself less credit than you deserve, I bet you understand the fundamentals, but don’t grasp how to use them yet, which will all sort out when you start doing projects and researching on your own.

As many have said to me “Don’t get stuck in tutorial hell”

Also, by using “Get Help” You should be thinking why this solution works and what each line does & how you could implement it in the future. Use it as a learning aide, not a crutch.

On the last note, everyone learns differently, but from all of the advice I received & personal experience, redoing the lessons seems like least favorable option.

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That is what I was trying to say.

I think I need to do a lot more work on understanding algorithms, When I was trying to do more research, I heard someone say that algorithms are the key to coding



I’m not there yet,

I’m trying to get there . (or at least I feel like that)

That has been me when I went through HTML and CSS, but this language seems different,

I think it may be syntactical errors that give me the most difficulty.

I understand that point of view, especially when it comes to coding.

Most of the sessions solution’s in this language seem to have not been taught yet.

:smile: (personal bias)

To all:

After rereading my reply’s to you all, I may sound hypocritical, and I accept that. I might just be trying to save some face after the realization of this fact. To be honest, I have been doing more research about this outside of this post, and I feel like I may have learned something that I have not shared on this post. I might also know what I need to do and I am just stubborn trying to get out of the work I know what I must do. I do appreciate everyone taking the time to respond to me and my queries (lol, Java Script queries :laughing: ). I guess I just have to knuckle down and get to it.

Thank you,

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