Should I take a break from exercises and build websites?

I’ve been trying to understand REACT but as much as I want my next certification, I want to try out what I’ve learned.

I don’t understand how REACT and Javascript are useful for a website.

Should I be taking a week or more to try making the websites I did for the responsive website design tests and use my new skills in them? Or am I overreacting? (I don’t think I’m overreacting)

It’s always a good idea to play around with the technologies you learn. Making a website with React is quite a bit different than a vanilla. You will run into scenarios where you will have to use other libraries like React Router which opens up great opportunities for you to pick up more tools.

A good mini React project is making a simple click counter app. It requires you to use state and it also gives you an opportunity to render multiple props.

If you are really interested in making a complete website with React, I would encourage you to check out Next.js or Gatsby.js and run through their tutorials. Next is my favorite but they both have excellent documentation and great communities.

Best of luck and do not lose hope. React is difficult but it does get easier with practice.

Yeah, man, you probably should. Have some fun with it!

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Playing is the best kind of learning. When you come across some new framework that you’re interested in , the first thing you would typically do is open up your editor and mess around with stuff.

I do this regularly in an online editor. Whatever you build with a new codebase doesn’t have to be good or even useful. The point is for you to just play and try things out.

So take as long as you want when when testing out the things you’ve learned. The way to build your confidence regarding a skill is to do it often.

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Sometimes the best thing you can do is taking the power cord out from your computer for about 48 hours and spending that coding time doing something tangible. For instances, doing something constructive but physically strenuous really clears the head. Because after all, overthinking seems to be the newbies biggest obstacle.