Should i Use a CMS or just MERN

Hello Everyone

i am new to the freelance web dev world, recently just completed the backend section of freecodecamp and i am looking to dive in, i want to build a portfolio and i am looking to start with a blog site and an ecommerce site and i did a little research about how to build these sites with many suggesting CMS like wordpress and the rest and i want to build these sites like i have been given a paid job to build them for someone, what do you guys suggest i do, if you guys were paid to build a blog site and an ecommerce site would you build them from scratch or use a cms and if you would use a cms which one

It depends on what you want to do. If you want to do freelance, then being able to build people cookie-cutter sites with things like WP or Wix is a job. I don’t think it’s fun, and since a lot of people can do it, it’s not going to pay much. But some people like it and seem to make a living. I’d rather learn how to code my own things. You’re not going to be going after the same customers - people chasing WP tend to be smaller and have less money, whereas custom built stuff is likely to be part of a larger team building a larger, more complicated site. These are generalizations, but you get the idea.

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