Creating CMS (Content Management System)

Hey guys!
I want to create cms to create blogs and something like that.
plz, tell me which lang. I must use for that.
how and what I must know.

I guess the first question is why do you want to create a CMS?

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And what do you want to do with it. There are a ton of languages to use, it just depends on what you want to do, and what kind of hosting you plan to require.

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I want to create weblogs and dynamic websites with it and be an independent

It’s extremely painful to build one yourself once you get beyond the absolute basics: there are good reasons as to why Wordpress is still used after 15 years, and why things like Squarespace exist. You don’t need a CMS to do either of the things you’ve said (you almost never need a CMS full stop, but that’s a different matter), and it’s easier to use an existing one as a backend.

If you really want to, any language will do: it’s just a CRUD app, and you can build CRUD apps in any language. It’s just a UI layer over a database, basically, and PHP has some advantages there because that was the entire original point of the language (a templating language that talks directly to a database and renders out HTML). :woman_shrugging:

I want to rent it too, so it must better than other CMSs
Something like game engines

when you use WordPress your assets files will be named with wp-content

No, they go into a folder called wp-content, you can call them anything you want. It’s called wp-content because that’s a sensible thing to call the folder, it’s not some kind of copyright thing, and you can store the files anywhere, they don’t have to go there.

This is a massive project, and for blogs and dynamic websites: Wordpress and similar exist, there is no market. You can’t really sell a blog CMS, you’re about 10-15 years too late for that, that ship sailed a long time ago.

Game engines are several orders of magnitude more complex than what you’re talking about, fulfil a definite need, and the main players (Unity, Unreal, Cry, etc) have hundreds of developers working on them full-time.

That’s not to say don’t do it, it’s a nice learning project and you might get something saleable out of it in a few years, but temper your expectations.

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how about crewing up?
Is it good with freelancers?

The first thing I would do is use the CMSs that are out there and see how they work.

Build a couple of sites out of each product, and try to find a commonality out of all of them. Then after you have about a dozen products under your built using those tools, do some introspection on the pain points that you encountered from using them. Try to find a solution out there that could fix those solutions, and if you can’t find them then build a CMS that addresses those pain points.

Like @DanCouper said, it’s not worth pouring the time and energy to reinvent the wheel when there are plenty of wheels made by others to put on your gravy train.


So I think I must ignore that
but something says to me do it for any price

Hey, guys, I’m just sent a request for freelancers to do it for me for very low price😜
Thanks to everyone