What are good CMS other than wordpress?

So what are some recommended content management systems to use if you want to build sites that the user wants to edit some content themselves, mainly for small to medium business or professionals who want to include some features like e-commerce. I am developing using Wordpress, however I would like to know what other campers have used/experienced and how do they see compare to Wordpress for this purposes.

Joomla is very popular. I helped build a medium-sized website using it and although you need to spend some time learning it, that’s just because it’s a fairly powerful and versatile CMS. I’m only slightly familiar with WordPress but it seems like it’s easier to learn to use but not as powerful.

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Radiant CMS.
Cushy CMS.

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Which ones have you worked/tried? Is there any favorites? For what purposes are they good?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Drupal is my goto - but it’s written in PHP (I guess like most of the popular ones). I’m working on doing one in node.js

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I remember I saw a youtube video on a project some campers did for a non-profit using apostrophe cms, how about it? Has someone used it that can tell if that is a good option? Have you?

i have used joomla! and drupal. To be honest with you, they hindered me a lot. I am more successful when i build an application from ground up using ruby on rails than using a CMS. but, if you know the work around of the CMS and how to hack it then you will be very successful using one!

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I’ve pretty much just used drupal. It has a bit of a learning curve, but it is super powerful. Based on a recent project involving WP, I think that Drupal certainly has a lot more to offer. Having said that, for many people, wordpress has enough functionality.

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Keystone.js is great if you want to keep going with full-stack JavaScript…


Thanks I will take a look