Is a good idea create CMS?

Hi, I’m training with simple projects and I need recommendations or opinions about is a good idea create my CMS or WCM for change my title or image welcome with simple clicks?

If u answer is yes, what software I can use to develop my personal CMS or WCM.

It’s a very useful learning exercise, but it’s not simple at all. It’s looks simple at first, but it normally turns into a black hole unless it’s extremely tightly scoped — if the only two things you want to do are change the title & image via a UI, that’s not difficult. As you start wanting more and more features (and you will if you try to make a CMS), it will get progressively harder and the code will become more spaghetti-like.

Any programming language. Further to that, any with a web framework. Further to that, any very popular programming language with a very popular web framework — that gives you the most chance of getting something built quickly.

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What u think is a good recomendation for them?
I think in:

  • Php
  • Phyton
  • JavaScript

You have reference when I can learn ?
This part is covered from BackEnd Developer?

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