Similarities between Javascript and AWS

Hello there,

I know it may sound weird to guys but here is question for you…
I am a Backend developer. I would not call myself as an expert but still trying to develop myself day by day. Now all I want to know is that without learning cloud computing or traditional AMAZON WEB SEVICE(AWS) courses is it possible to work in the AWS sector using only Javascript and Node.js?
If so then can you guys please explain how I could use myJjavascript and Node.js skill in the field of AWS?

Any help regarding this topic would be very helpful.


It is an apples to oranges comparison. Node.js is what you would use to create your backend server for your application. You can host this server anywhere you choose, even your local machine at home, but it is much easier / productive to host it on the many different commercial hosting services available, AWS is one that has many such services, for instance you can host your Node.js server on their elastic bean stalk service, you dont need any javascript to do that, at most you would only need the AWS CLI scripting language, AWS has many other cloud services as well, like their EC2 instances where you can basically rent out a computer with an OS of your choice or their data storage services like S3, and the AWS CLI script maybe useful to navigate amongst the many cloud services they offer, but it has nothing to do with Node.js.