Amazon AWS for Front End Devs

Hey guys. I’m curious as to if and why I need to learn and use Amazon AWS as a developer. If you have any examples and explanation, please feel free to share!!

Hi Josh,

You dont “need” AWS for any kind of DEV (FE / BE)… AWS is “just” a complex hosting service.

That said… by “complex” i mean “amazing”… i am far from being an expert in it, but i honestly believe its the most “revolutionary” piece of mainstream tech of the last 10 years (yes… tops the I-phone in my opinion)… with AWS you can scale in the press of a button (in my working env, 10 years ago to scale the infrastructure you needed +6 months and about 100 signatures)… combine that with PAAS and all of the FW’s (FE + BE) and now you can create a webApp to serve “millions” with a “skeleton crew” without any hardware concerns (pay for what you use), infrastructure management (PAAS… no more DBA / SysAdmin boring tasks)… what a couple of year took a whole team and a looooot of $$ can now be automated and relatively cheap… that frees people like us to focus on what we really love: Develop & create :wink:

AWS has a very interesting youtube channel where they put their conferences… really worth a look (people from Netflix, etc, etc talking about how they leverage AWS… its a really eye-opener).

Below are a couple of videos about AWSi recommend watching… wont teach how to code or anything like that… but will give an idea of how we could use AWS one day:


Thank you. I’m in the process of getting back into the job market after 8 months of FE work and was wondering if i should take a course/get certified in the AWS Developer - Associate cert. In other words, would that look good on the resume (I’m not asking primarily to learn AWS just for resume sake, I’ve always wanted to learn that tech stack, but was wondering if this is the right time to do it)

I only use AWS for my personal projects (just my website now… and because its cheap… 0.60€/month) and my objective is really just to learn how it works so i never considered the AWS certifications but maybe it makes sense…

I say “go for it” but personally i see AWS as a “means to an end”… the end being create web apps so i prioritize learning other stuff like node.JS (AWS has been on my TODO list for ages… never find the time to get deep into it :frowning: )

AWS is one of the big three cloud service providers, along with google cloud and microsoft’s azure. Although, I have not tried the other two, I have not had any need because AWS customer service and services have been top notch. In particular, they have pioneered FAAS (functions as a service, or serverless architecture) via AWS lambda, which means that you don’t have to pay for or maintain a server to provide backend services but instead write server code as functions which respond to a variety of events such as HTTP requests, SMS, other lambdas. For, example my website is served via an aws lambda using the serverless framework which responds to HTTP requests on the API Gateway service. API Gateway allows for free custom domains and SSL which I have made use of on several websites. Additionally, AWS pricing for these lambda functions is disruptive to say the least, which is 1 million free requests per month and 400,000 GB-seconds of compute time per month and this rate does not expire after the already generous 12-month free tier. They have many other popular services like databases (dynamodb), data hosting (s3), cdn network (cloudfront) and provide about 45% of the public cloud infrastructure