What to learn: Google App Engine or Amazon Web Services


I’m trying to brush up my coding, and I’m pretty rusty. I’ve noticed that the world of Cloud Computing is getting pretty hot.

So I’m trying to see if I can make my resume look more appealing. It looks like Amazon Web Services has the larger market share, but Google Cloud Platform seems to be growing a lot.

Also it looks like more people know Amazon then Google’s. Do you think if I study Google’s cloud platform that it would help me get a job better since it’s “rarer”? Or should I go with what everyone else is doing: Amazon Web Services? Anyone has thoughts on either platform?


I think Google is dead last.

AWS > Microsoft Azure > Google


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According to Stack Overflow:


24% of programmers use AWS vs 8% for Google Cloud Platform. I think you are better off with AWS, since it’s the dominant player and there will be more jobs. There are also a bunch of certifications for AWS that would look very good on your resume.

It looks like Google Cloud is growing though.

But yeah, maybe AWS is better for jobs. I do like how Google Cloud is pretty much free for a tiny website.

Everybody is growing.

Some AWS and Azure services are free on some levels.


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I believe you can use AWS free for a year (in a limited for that should be good enough to learn it). You will also find a lot more courses on AWS.

Of course, it would be foolish to bet against Google in the long run. But I would guess that there is quite a lot of inertia in the platform market. If you’ve got all your shit (technical term) up on AWS, you are not going to take it down and put it on Google Cloud Platform without a very good reason.