Do AWS certificates adds value to CV for an aspiring front end developer?

Hi Guys,

I was going through an article on AWS certificate by Quincy on FCC News (link: and it got me thinking if I should learn about AWS and how it works in more detail.

A little about me: I have been learning html/css/javascript from a very long time now and feels much at ease working with it. Right now learning to use react by building a few apps.

I wanted to know that when I start applying for a front end role, would an “AWS certifiedCloud Practitioner” or “AWS Certified Developer Associate” on my CV adds any value or it would be irrelevant given I’d be applying for front end developer position?

And since I’m more interested in web developer roles, is it worth investing a few hours a week to obtain the certification?

Thanks in advance guys!

Sure. Lots and lots of places use AWS, it’s often hideously complicated (particularly navigating the APIs and tooling for the 20 million different services they offer), knowing at least the fundamentals & recommended best practices is a very useful skill.

If you’re applying for a job at a small company [that uses AWS] where you would be directly involved in deployments, sure. If you’re applying to a larger company that can afford to have specialised roles [and that uses AWS], probably still help but definitely not as much. For a company that doesn’t use AWS (ie if it does actually use one of the major services it’s GCL or Azure), at least you’ll get the theory, but many of the specifics won’t quite transfer. Otherwise, it’s a useful skill in general but most of the stuff doesn’t necessarily overlap with general programming, given it’s about managing configuration of infrastructure.

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Most things like this do add value to your CV.

The real question is: does it add more value to your CV than something else? Could the time invested in achieving this AWS certificate be better spent elsewhere? Is there something more relevant for a Front End Developer role?

If you’re going for a Front End Developer position then I think all of these would be worth learning beforehand:

  • React (inc React Hooks)
  • Testing (React-Testing-Library, Jest)
  • Node / Lambda Functions (bits of AWS)
  • Redux
  • CSS-in-JS vs CSS Modules
  • TypeScript

that make sense! Thanks.

Well I’m going for the mentioned skills one after the other. They do take precedence over AWS certificate when one is going for front end dev roles. Thanks for your advice. :slight_smile: