Simple Jamstack Blogs

There is a local organization working hard to support folks during the pandemic, and I would like to donate a more updated website to them.

I want to build them something with Gatsby, and have it pull a blog feed from a third party. I want the site itself to be static, so that I don’t have to manage a server for them, but they can still post new events and news posts and so on. I think this is what “CMS” are for, though when I poke around, they look like it looks like it would need a degree of knowledge.

What third party could I use for the easiest handoff, assuming they don’t know any code, and are on the lower end of computer experience? A setup where they could use the site as hassle free and cheap as possible, and I wouldnt have to come back and re-configure or maintain as much.

For basic requirements I just need them to be able to make posts to a blog feed with author, title, headline image, text content.

Embedding images, and videos into the posts would be great, but I think the basics would be a big step up from where they are now.

You may try Jekyll with Jekyll Admin plugin. Its really good one.

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Thanks so much for replying,

Strapi looks like it is self hosted, is that correct? For my particular use case I would like to avoid managing a server.

Thanks for replying, jekyll-admin looks interesting.

with jekyll-admin I would have to self host it correct?

Netlify + Gatsby seems pretty common, very easy to deploy, and the CMS is a service, not self-hosted. Can’t vouch for how easy Netlify CMS is to use for a non-technical user but I can’t imaging it’s more difficult than, say, WP.

Cool, can netlifycms be used on netlifiy’s free plan? I can’t see any pricing on netlifycms’s page, but I see netlify itself has some plans.

Edit: I messed around with it a bit, it looks like just what i’m looking for thank you very much. I still have to test a bit about to what extent you can hand it off, but it looks good so far.