Simple refresh problem

Hello friends,

My personal site ( is currently made up of just basic HTML and CSS, and I’m experiencing what seems like a rather retro problem that I’m unable to figure out.

When I first opened up my site today, on a computer I’ve frequently used to visit the site in the past, the page that loads is a much older version that is missing a considerable amount of content. For reference, this is what the incorrect page looks like:

However, if I do a simple Ctrl + F5, my page loads all the latest and greatest stuff correctly, as shown below:

So far, I’ve managed to determine that this happens to a number of different people (wife, friends, myself) on a number of different workstations (my work PC, my home desktop, my home laptop), and on all of the big three browsers (Chrome, FF, and IE). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to figure out what’s wrong with my site, or where to go for help. Does anyone else have any ideas?

Don’t know whether it’s much help, but I’ve had a quick look and the immediate problem seems to be with your ‘footer.css’ file; on first load it’s a short file which (crucially) doesn’t include any styling for the various condiment bottles - so you can only see white space because there are white FontAwesome icons on a white background.

Forcing a reload brings in the correct file.

Since I’ve never been to your site before it can’t be an issue with my local cache, can only suggest that there’s something to do with an older version of that file (and maybe others) being served by your host?

One ‘dirty fix’ to get round this would be to include the relevant CSS in your html header, but hardly ideal.

Hmm, sounds like I need to contact the support team for my hosting platform. I’ll give that a try!