Simple Vanilla JS typing game-- need help

Hi Yall I found this really neat typing game tutorial on Youtube (Travesty Media) and the challenges was to add more stuff to it. So I decided that I wanted to set the difficulty by seconds (I.E Easy = 5 Medium= 3 Hard =2). And I’m kinda stuck. I still have problems with Javascript and I know I need to add eventlisteners to these buttons i just don’t know how to go about it. I have an object for the levels so I want to see if I can someone get these button to work based off that object.

Any help would be great!. I’m just really stumped.


One Piece WordBeater

One Piece Word Beater

Current Level:

Type the Given Word Within 5 Seconds.


High Score:

Time left: 0

Score: 0


Type each word in the given amount of seconds to score. To play again, just type the current word. Your score will reset

Select the Difficulty
Easy Medium Hard


window.addEventListener(‘load’, init);

// global Varibales

//Avaible levels
const levels = {
easy: 5,
medium: 3,
hard: 2,

//to cchange level
const currentLevel = levels.easy;

let time = currentLevel;
let score = 0;
let isPLaying;//initalzies game…true if game is on false if game is off

//DOM Elements
const wordInput = document.querySelector(’#word-input’);
const currentWord = document.querySelector(’#current-word’);
const scoreDisplay = document.querySelector(’#score’);
const timeDisplay = document.querySelector(’#time’);
const message = document.querySelector(’#message’);
const seconds = document.querySelector(’#seconds’);
const levelDisplay = document.querySelector(’#levels’);

const words = [

//initialize Game

function init() {
//Show number of seconds
seconds.innerHTML = currentLevel;
//load a word from array
//Start Matching on word input
wordInput.addEventListener(‘input’, startMatch);
//Call countdown every second
setInterval(countdown, 1000);
//Check status
setInterval(checkStatus, 50)

//level Buttons
//Easy Mode
document.getElementById(‘easy’).addEventListener(‘click’, easyMode);
function easyMode(levels) {


//Start Match

function startMatch() {
isPLaying = true;
time = currentLevel + 1;

//if score negative -1 display 0
if(score === -1){
    scoreDisplay.innerHTML = 0;
    scoreDisplay.innerHTML = score;


//Match Current Word to word imput

function matchWords() {
if(wordInput.value === currentWord.innerHTML) {
message.innerHTML = ‘Correct!!!’;
return true;
} else {
message.innerHTML = ‘’;
return false;

//Pick & Show random word
function showWord(words) {
//Generate random array index
const randIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * words.length);
//Output random word
currentWord.innerHTML = words[randIndex];
//Countdown Timer
function countdown() {
//Make sure time is not run out
if(time > 0) {
//Decrease time
}else if(time === 0) {
//Game Over
isPLaying = false;
//Show time
timeDisplay.innerHTML = time;

//Check game Status
function checkStatus() {
if(!isPLaying && time === 0){
message.innerHTML = ‘Game Over!!’;
score = -1;