Since AI can generate code

Since AI can generate code, should we continue to learn to code?
Is there hope?
I heared that you still need to know what to ask AI in order for it to generate what you want…
Give us more info on how to deal with this changes in the tech world.

Thank you

No, AI won’t steal all the programming jobs.

Yes, it’s still worth it to learn programming.

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There’s two key parts here:

  1. Being able to know what questions to ask
  2. Being able to verify what was given as an answer is valid.

Those 2 things are still where humans reign supreme. The other aspect of this is that there are other systems, beyond AI that actually fit the bill. For example, if you know what to ask and verify, instead of asking AI you could just search it up on the internet?.

Even with the internet, you still need those two skills/knowledge and experience to build anything adequate, even with all the answers online. Yes there are meme-level jokes about how developers just copy-paste everything, which are great because they are mostly true.

Replace asking the internet with AI and you get more or less where you started in terms of being able to get almost any answer to any question, but still needing to ask the right questions and verify the answers.

Finally, the hardest part about being a developer isn’t writing the code. The code is just the software to create a solution. Building that solution requires a problem to solve, which needs to be understood well enough. All of that an AI can’t really help with, heck even humans are bad at this.

Modern AI is currently flooding the market. What’s interesting is the more AI driven products that come about, kind of go against the concept its “all powerful”. There’s large amounts of hype surrounding anything with labeled “AI”, practically its possible most of these become useless in the future as just another fad.

That said, there is utility in such systems, but such systems come with flaws and shortcoming. Understanding these is the best way forward for knowing how and when to leverage them, as with most things they are just another tool among many tools.


Hi @zak !

I think that a lot of the fear around this question from beginners is because they don’t know what it is like to be on the job.

Your job as a software developer is way more than just code.

For example, I just finished my day on a meeting with my team on scoping out a new project. The meeting consisted of the key features we needed to build and how we were going to approach certain issues that came up.

At no point during that meeting did we code anything.

All we did was talk and discuss and ended up coming up with a good roadmap moving forward.

How does all of this relate to Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is just another tool

These tools are great for smaller tasks but they are not going to build fully fleshed out production ready code based on the client’s needs and wants.

You also have to mindful of what information you can feed to chat gpt.

If you are feeding it personal pet projects that is fine but if you are feeding it sensitive and proprietary information, then you will probably get into a lot of trouble with your company.

In conclusion, there is a lot of value in learning how to program and learn how to problem solve.

All of these advancements in AI will just help developers.


In my point of view, I believe Ai can give you a good prompt of how to structure your code but is unable to give you a good written structured code.

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