Site server still iffy?

Hey guys,

Just wondering if the site servers are still iffy. I have been trying to submit my final project but always get the old “cannot connect to server” error:

Anyone have any ideas?


Have you tried to clear cache and cookies?

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It’s just a matter of time. Fcc is having some major issues lately.

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That did the trick! Thank man, I always forget to do this…

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Yeah I can’t wait for the new curriculum

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the new project based curriculum may be a few months away yet. But the most of update now should have gone through!
The most important update, which we don’t notice, is that they have made easier to deploy new update to the codebase and this should smooth over new updates later on

Just want to let you all know, you almost never need to clear the cookies or local storage to fix anything. The new platform is meant to handle errors better.

If you see the issues, chances are we have a bug that we missed.

As for the issue in the OP, it’s because the submissions were not captured in the client app. We have since fixed it and you should be able to work and submit your solution links now.

Any errors in your console (like failed updates), will clear themselves up automatically.

Somehow, I like the functionality of the new one and the look of the old one. I feel kinda colorblind with the one now, but I’ll wait for the developers to add some color to it.