Slight issue with flex-wrap challenge in CSS Flexbox

There seems to be a small correction needed in the flex-wrap challenge (lesson 11 in CSS Flexbox). It is to do with the explanation of wrap-reverse. It seems the correct thing would be that “items get wrapped in reverse order”.

For example, if a container has a flex-direction of “row” and a flex-wrap of “wrap”, the truncated set of items would move to the next line “below” the previous set of items. However, with wrap-reverse, the truncated set of items get placed “above” the previous set of items. This link from w3schools provides a good visual explanation of flex-wrap.

The explanation given in the curriculum is that…

wrap-reverse: wraps items from right-to-left if they are in a row, or bottom-to-top if they are in a column

…but this would be more like using flex-wrap: wrap; justify-content: flex-end;

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