Slow-paced boot camps?

I am about to star the JS portion of FCC, so I am still in the beginning, but I have been thinking about my short and long term goals. I want to finish FCC and get the front-end developer certificate, and then I was thinking about my next step after that. I do not think I will be 100% job ready after I finish FCC (who knows, maybe I feel), so I am pretty sure I will want more practice/curriculum after I finish the front end portion here. This is a few months down the line, obviously, but I was thinking about trying out a boot camp or maybe some other online coruse, like Udacity, for a nanodegree.

I am doing some research on boot camps right now just to get some general information. From what I understand, they are extremely fast paced and intensive. Which is kind of turning me away from them. I really hate working under extreme pressure like that and I honestly don’t think I would be able to pull through a full 8 hours or more of intensive learning. Being said, the Udacity course is online, and I would rather maybe enroll in some sort of in-person course, since I have always loved the educational environment and think it would be a good change from the online FCC, it would also allow me to make some connections and network - neither of which I have done AT ALL since I graduated in 2016 with a degree in sociology.

Anyway - I am wondering if there are any slow-paced boot camps or other educational institutions I can check out regarding front-end stuff. I notice boot camps are about 3 - 6 months long. I wouldn’t mind enrolling in something that is a year long or so.

Just looking for suggestions and advice.

Or maybe I can hear from some of you who have done boot camps or supplemental educations after FCC. What was your experience like? I am not going to lie, I am not the fastest learner, and right now I try to put in about an hour or 2 a day on FCC - I know this is a small amount compared to some people who put in 8 hours a day, but I imagine once I really start to grasp the concepts better, I will spend more time doing it because it will be more enjoyable.

Sorry for the long post.

TD;DR - Are there are any slow-paced boot camps or other educational institutions I can check out regarding front-end stuff? Something not as face-paced as normal boot camps

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I think the idea of “slow paced boot camp” is an oxymoron. The idea of a boot camp is that it is fast paced and high preassure. The next slowest thing is going to be a class/clogged program, but even that will more at a set pace - you don’t want to take 5 1/2 years to get a 2 year certificate.

One nice thing about FCC is that you can set your own pace. You can take little side trips to explore things as you go (which you’ll probably need to do anyway.) I would advise to code everyday, though. There’s something about doing it every day that helps these ideas stick in your head.

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Yeah being short and intense is pretty much the idea behind “boot camps”. It’s what makes them appeal to some people over traditional education. Since this isn’t what you want, I would suggest looking at courses at your local university or community college.

As @ksjazzguitar all ready mentioned FCC is a good option as you can esesntially set your own pace.

Another option is ‘The web developer bootcamp’ by Colt Steele on Udacity . I am doing this course and I really like it so far. I have never been to a boot camp but Colt runs boot camps so the material/feel might be what you are looking for. Again you can set your own pace.

Regarding education environment FCC has a great community on this forum and the chat rooms. The udacity course also has a place where you can ask questions. But I guess if you looking for a classroom environment then it may not be what you are looking for and you will need to find a class in yor area. You could also check if FCC has a meetup group in your location where you could go and work with fellow FCC members. I have also seen people in this forum setup video/email study group so they can work together. looks interesting. 12 month online course leading to a real degree, although you can take as long as you like if you prefer a slower pace.

Some boot camps do offer part-time off-line versions - designed for people who are working.

Ahh thanks for the replies everyone.

@ksjazzguitar, I certainly do not want to take 5 years to get a certification, right, but I am also seeing what other certifications are out there I could go after, after I finish FCC. I am deffinetly making an effort to code everyday, which I have been keeping up with. Some days more than others, however.

@inder23, I was looking to see what other things udacity offers. I still want to read more about Udacity and what people have to say about it and getting certifications and degree from them. Good idea on the meetups. I want to solidify my skills a little bit more before I actually do that, because I still feel like I would be lagging behind slightly. I need to look up some meetups and see where they are