Smallest Common Multiple - help needed

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Hello Everyone,

I’m stuck with this challenge, I can’t get any clear ideas how should I proceed with the challenge. Could you please guide me with ideas how I should solve this?

I don’t want to copy and paste solutions from other people as that way I won’t be learning anything.

Currently the only thing I’ve done is to get the range of numbers that should be checked, after that I don’t know how I should progress.

I really would appreciate any help!


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function smallestCommons(arr) {
//Sort the arr variable
let sortArr = arr.sort();
//Create the variables, and assign value to them
let firstIndex = sortArr[0];
let secondIndex = sortArr[1];
let numArr = [];

//Get the range between the two numbers
for(let i = firstIndex; i <= secondIndex; i++){

//Check if the highest number inside the array can be divided with the other items


return arr;

//smallestCommons([23, 18]);

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Challenge: Smallest Common Multiple

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how to find the smallest common multiple is a mathematical algorithm, you could find the algorithm somewhere online, and then convert it yourself to code

if you don’t mention programming languages you will usually not get the algorithm already written in a programming language

for these mathematical challenges it’s normal to find an already existing algorithm and then implement it yourself in the programmint language of choice