Smallest Common Multiple - I can't make the last test work :(

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Hi everyone
I’m really going crazy with this smallest multiplier challenge. I’m almost there, it’s now working for all tests except the last one : smallestCommons([23,18]). Does someone have an idea why and where the problem is with my code ?

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function smallestCommons(arr) {
  var max = Math.max(arr[0], arr[1]);
  var min = Math.min(arr[0], arr[1]);
  var fullArray = [];
  for(var i=max; i>=min; i--){
  var i = 0;
  var SCM = fullArray[0];
  var multiplied = 1;
    multiplied = SCM * fullArray[0];
    for(i=1; i<fullArray.length; i++){
      if(multiplied % fullArray[i] !== 0){
        SCM += fullArray[0];
  return SCM;

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You are super close to a working solution to pass the tests! :smiley:

Double check your while loop condition.

wow thank you, I feel really stupid now :see_no_evil: I spent so much time on this, I didn’t even see the obvious !!