So close to giving up

I honestly didn’t think i would struggle with this survey form and laying it out properly with flexbox. I’m starting to lose hope. I’m aware of the importance of having a mobile first approach. Not sure whether to wrap these inputs within divs. That doesn’t make sense to me if i did. I have been looking everywhere online for some resources on how to mock up a survey form with HTML & CSS and haven’t really come across anything. Not sure if web development is for me, if i can’t even complete this task :confused:

So good news. You completed this this task. You’ve passed 17/17. That’s it. Put your URL in and keep going.

Later, as you learn more…come back and make the form work, change the design, practice other techniques. You don’t need a perfect working model at this stage.

It’s perfectly normal to feel like you should but you are doing a good job. Learn some more, come back later new knowledge.


Yeah that sounds like a good idea, i will move onto the next project now. I guess I’m over stressing. Everything will get better over time with consistency and practice.

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Not sure why you’re doubting yourself so much. This is only the second project and looks good, above the average for sure. Keep going!

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You just started and want already be a master. Be patient and keep trying. When you don’t get something try a second tutorial, then a third and so on. Don’t give up. Gool luck!

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Thanks for the kind words, i have always been like that throughout my life. I just thought everything had to be perfect that’s all.

Cheers for the heads up bro i will keep pushing forward.

A useful phrase I keep hearing from devs is “it doesn’t need to be perfect, just good enough”. I need to remind myself of the phrase more!