Wanted to share a win!

I just now finished the first section of Responsive Web Design…made the Survey Form! To be honest, it was sort of a stretch at first (especially the CSS!!! :hot_face: ), but this afternoon I got in a groove and finished it up. I kept wondering if I was doing everything “right,” even though the preview was right in front of me, so I was surprised when the “Test Passed” message popped up, and I may or may not have teared up with happiness. It just gave me this BIG boost of confidence in myself, that yes, I am learning, and I can do this! So I’m happy-dancing my way to sleep now :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:


HI @fizzingwhizbee !

Congrats on completing the first project!! :slight_smile:

CSS can be tricky.
But with more practice you will start to get the hang of it.

The main goal is to practice the concepts and keep learning and growing.
Don’t worry about trying to recreate the sample.

Remember that the sample projects are just one way to build the projects :slight_smile:

Good luck with the rest of the course !


Congrats for clearing your first task!
I faced the same situation myself too when working on my survey form project,
i had to make reference on most parts as i cant remember every thing but I guess with practice it will become muscle memory for us.

I guess with practice it will become muscle memory for us.

I think so, too, which is encouraging. I noticed that the very basic things were already in my brain and I didn’t have to question myself if it was right or not; a couple of weeks ago, even that much would have been beyond me!!!

Congrats @fizzingwhizbee :tada::fire::call_me_hand::100::sunglasses:it is such a good feeling to accomplish these hurdles that we put ourselves through. I just got finished with CodeLand 2022, it was my very 1st conference I have ever attended. It was such a blast I highly recommend it to everyone.


Congrats! :partying_face: I finished yesterday my 2nd project, once I completed the survey form and proved to myself I was able to come to the solution of whatever obstacle I might have had in coding it, it felt greatly encouraging!

it was so satisfying making both of my first 2 projects all from scratch

I was afraid I was in tutorial hell but absolutely no :slight_smile:

I have spend way too much time trying to make a better Tribute page,
but im glad i kept trying, i have completed and moved onto the next lesson on building a balance sheet.

cant wait to keep learning after work!

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