Solution to the problem, who will help?

pls guys, i don’t know if am at the right place, :clubs:

Am new in the house, but i want to know how to start posting my solutions, and suggestions, how will i do that?


Are you looking for a place to post working solutions to the curriculum lessons?

As a general practise, we try to limit the number of solution spoilers on the forums - it is more effective to help users come to their own solution than it is to provide a working solution for them. :slight_smile:

yes, i don’t know how to do that.

Personally, I save solutions (that I’m proud of) in a GitHub repository. That way I always have access to them, and they are publicly available to demonstrate my learning. :slight_smile:

We don’t allow people to post solutions here on the forum. If you just want to save solutions for yourself, @nhcarrigan’s suggestion of GitHub is a good one.


not like am to supplying them with solutions to problem, or anything, i want to know possibilities of things in the house that I’am

I am assuming by “house” you are referring to these forums and our community?

If so, as @ArielLeslie mentioned, we do not allow people to post solutions here on the fourm. :slight_smile:

okay, but i use to see people’s solutions on the ‘Get Help button’

There are solutions in the Guide section of the forum. They are locked topics. Some of them have replies where people posted solutions (not all of which even work ) before the threads were locked. If you ever see a Guide post that is missing a solution, you can write one up and submit it as a GitHub Issue. Someone will check it out and if everything looks good they will update the Guide post.

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okay, I appreciates :boom:

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Happy coding!