[Solved] Bootstrap v4 navbar collapsing & scrollspy won't work on CodePen

Hey, I’m doing my portfolio page and found that

  1. the navbar won’t expand on hitting the burger button,
  2. scrollspy seems not to work.

I noticed some similar posts, but they are using Bootstrap v3 while I’m using v4. I have already included bootstrap CSS, bootstrap JS and jquery.

Here is my portfolio page source code: https://codepen.io/fhfuih/pen/aEymGP
Also there is a dedicated pen for testing those two functions: https://codepen.io/fhfuih/pen/opoPwd (which is basically a combination of two demo code snippets from bootstrap documentation)

Can someone please help me out?

Edit: Seems the collapsing thing works well after I added popper JS to the pen, hinted by this post. Perhaps its a dependency or something.

Conclusion: when adopting bootstrap API, don’t use the one-click bootstrap 4 inside CodePen. Check out the Bootstrap Documentation - Introduction, copy the URLs inside the HTML snippets and add them manually. This ensures that you get the newest version, minimal format, and full dependencies.

So there’s only the scrollspy stuff left.

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Edit: scrollspy solved, too. After adding pooper, the only thing left is to change the style of the spied-on element. Note that the documentation says:

  • It must be used on a Bootstrap nav component(navbar also works) or list group.
  • Scrollspy requires position: relative; on the element you’re spying on, usually the<body>.
  • When spying on elements other than the <body>, be sure to have a height set and overflow-y: scroll; applied.
  • Anchors (<a>) are required and must point to an element with that id.

The 2nd and 3rd items are easily ignored if we intuitively spy on a container/container-fluid rather than on the <body> and adjust offset.

Another edit: Also note that the jQuery link in the Bootstrap doc is a slim version. If you need animate or other functions, delete the .slim in the URL to import the full one. Inspired by This Stackoverflow question

Thank you for posting this! I was having the same problems with Navbar scrollspy and collapse. This solved my problem too!