A Portfolio Project by Chewie - Please Review!

Hi! This is my 1st Bootstrap portfolio project ,so feel free to review and critique in any way.

For starters scrollspy and collapse don’t work. Any thoughts?


So, ok, solved the scrollspy issue - apparently, the order of scripts loading in JS settings 's been wrong. JQuery must be B4 Bootstrap!

Something similar must be 4 the collapse thing - …working on that… I’ll keep myself posted. roger, roger

Good job! I like it! Collapse works the right way. It seems that the scrollspy does not work until the page is fully loaded, and there’s something that takes much time to be loaded: you can try to change your bootstrap cdn. You should also add a data-offset to the body.

Hi dem-s!

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Yes, collapse was missing the navbar-default class. I think Codepen in general is loading to long, and data-offset is unnecessary 4 now, IMO.