Solved: Has anyone figured out how to get image to load on codepen?

I’ve been looking around the web and in this forum but I haven’t found an answer that seems to work. I’m working on my Tribute Page and the image is broken. I’ve tried Imgur (which seems to have a block on referrer for Codepen) and Google Photos doesn’t seem to work either.

Has anyone found a solution that’s consistently working?

Sorry if this has been answered a million times before, but I couldn’t find a solution that works for me.

Try a service like
It works fine for me. Make sure you choose the right link.

This worked! Thank you Alveek!

I think I need to purchase a couple of photos for my tribute page. Is this site secure, so I don’t violate copy right laws?

If I purchase an image, I cannot allow others to copy it etc…

I don’t know how you can violate copyright laws by using this site. This site is just a hosting for your images which you want to share. You can make it totally private, nobody will see your content. And I think services like this one are good to use at the first time. Then it’s better to upload your stuff to your web hosting platform.

I tried this site as well to get my image but still not working. What is the right link? I think my other code is fine but strangely the image is not showing up on my Tribute site! Thank you!