(SOLVED) How important is web accessibility in portfolio projects

Over the past year I’ve accumulated quite a few projects in my portfolio, my recent ones being full stack and large in scale (dynamic web app).

And now I’m worried that an employer may count it against me that none of them implement web accessibility.

How have employers treated web accessibility during interviews?
Should I go back and implement accessibility in those projects before I start applying or should I not bother?

I can’t speak for all employers - most likely some will notice and some won’t.

That said, you should make your sites accessible in order to learn accessibility properly - as a concept and practise, it’s not going away. You may as well take the opportunity to add another string to your bow.


I’ve occasionally had a question or two come up about it, but it hasn’t been a major sticking point.

If you owned a store or restaurant with an entrance higher than ground level would you install a wheelchair ramp because (a) you could potentially be fined for not doing so or (b) it’s the right thing to do and would allow better accessibility to a wider range of customers?

Thanks. I just didn’t want to have to go through EVERY project I’ve done to re-implement accessibility.
I’ll do a few small projects that are accessible, just to figure it out and such; and then from then on implement it in most of my projects.

Better now than never.

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