Review my Resume and portfolio site

Please review my resume and portfolio site

My portfolio

Wow! @YagneshP That is a very good portfolio. It looks nice and responsive also. You have some really good projects to show on their too. One thing I would do is maybe style up that form a little bit. I would also add a direct mailto link so that I can just click the link and email you.(Although, you may get spammed this way so it is up to you.) Other than that it looks really nice! Happy coding and good luck on the job search! :smile:

Hey @YagneshP!

I think your portfolio looks good. I would caution you about on thing. I did notice some udemy projects like YelpCamp and Contact Keeper. Lots of people do Colt’s classes and build YelpCamp. You don’t want perspective hiring managers to say “wait a minute, haven’t I seen this before” and dismiss your portfolio.

If you are going to build a udemy project then make it your own. Use some of the concepts taught in the class and add your own spin on the project. That will help you stand out because a lot of people will choose the same udemy projects for their portfolios.

Hope that helps!

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I think you’re off to a great start - I’ve got some feedback for you:

This is neat, and fun to look at, but I’d be worried about the accessibility here.

These lines look like sliders - a bit confusing. I tried to drag it, actually.

Typo here - diffrent => different.

Rather than skipping heading levels, which is an accessibility and semantics concern, I’d use CSS to enforce the styling you want.

I am not sure why this is in your source code, but I recommend removing it.

Same with this - commented out code is all unnecessary data that a user’s browser still has to download. This has performance impacts on slower internet connections.

You’ve got a missing asset that your page is looking for.

Hope this helps - keep up the great work!~ :grin:

Thank you very much for your time and suggestions! :pray:

Thank you for your time and suggestions ! This will help me a lot to improve! :pray:

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