Some CSS help to make button responsive?

Hi all,
I’ve encountered a problem while using custom CSS in wordpress when I want to code a plugin’s button. It looks perfectly fine in desktop version but not after it resizes or in mobile version.

Here’s a screenshot of it:

What should I add in CSS to make it work properly in both laptop and mobile devices?

Thanks for your time!

  1. How did you code the button?
  2. What’s the CSS markup of your button?


And here’s a screenshot of ‘inspect element’ for the button

Did you set a width for the button? I’m not seeing that in the css. Try setting a relative width in the media query. Something like:

.ap-btn-ask {
  width: some percentage (80% for example)

It looks like you need to set the @media widths in your CSS so that your code is responsive to specific mobile devices.

You’ll want to adjust the font size for the device width you’re having trouble with.

Check this out for more info.

I tried this, it doesn’t work well. It’s either okay on the desktop version or mobile version but never both. Thanks anyway!

It says “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

It looks like this now

It works for me on iOS.

Try adjusting display.