Some words for new developers

This is my first month studying to be a developer and I feel I learned a lot from Sololearn, Code Academy, DASH and obviusly FreeCodeCamp. While I take the lesson I find everything clear but when I try on my own I got lost (for example my portfolio). I think HTML is easy and CSS not imposible but when I try bootstrap I do everything wrong. Any good advice or resourse to get better next month?.

Also there are any php developer around?.

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In what way is bootstrap difficult?

The best way of working with bootstrap:

  1. go to
  2. find a component you’re interested in
  3. copy code for the component
  4. adapt the code to comply with your needs
  5. test it
    5.1 if something goes wrong ask for help on chats/forums etc.
  6. do the same steps for the next component till you’re done.
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A few words:

  • Nitwit!
  • Blubber!
  • Oddment!
  • Tweak!

(Sorry. I couldn’t resist.)

You are probably experiencing what I can “syntax paralysis”. It basically means the examples make sense to you but when it comes to writing it you freeze.

That’s because you are learning the concept of what the code is doing and not actually writing the code.

Another words, conceptually you understands what it is doing because you can relate to it and it follows your line of thinking. But you haven’t train your mind to write your thoughts in codes.

Do more small challenging projects so help you get rid of that feeling and expose you to use code that you wouldn’t think of using.

There is no shortcuts to learning faster. If you don’t know it, then you don’t know it. It will show in the code. The fastest way is to do hard projects to stretch your understanding.