Somewhere to post your finished code

There should be a solution thread for people to post their version of the answer.

I can see that the policy has perhaps changed over the years, but after each lesson I am going to the “get a hint” forum post to see what the official solution was and how well mine stacks up against it.

Many times I’ve been kind of proud of the snippet I’ve come up with.

I’ve taken slightly different approaches to the listed examples and done it in clean, functional ways (I’m doing the JS curriculum at the moment), with an aim to keep it succinct but readable.

Anyway I can see that it would be a popular thing if it was allowed, because some of the threads that were unlocked received ~60 replies from people posting their versions.

But they are almost all locked.

There doesn’t seem to be any alternative, other than opening an individual thread, but there is no real conversation there, its feels like its just shouting into the void. That thread will auto lock so it can only capture people passing through right now.

Anyway, whatever the reason for it being locked, it would be a great addition to my experience if there was some always-open thread for each answer to share the code to.

We decided to lock those threads because we found that they tend to attract posts with zero interaction. We focus on interactions to answer questions and improve code.

If you ever want to receive feedback about a specific piece of code you have written, you can make a topic and ask questions or request feedback about your code. When posting working solutions to challenges, please remember to wrap your code in [spoiler] and [/spoiler] tags for campers that haven’t completed the challenge yet and do not want their experience spoiled.

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HI @rtpHarry !

I understand where you are coming from.
But it has to be an effective learning tool.

Take a look at codewars for example.

When you complete a problem, your solution has to pass all of the test cases before it is uploaded with the other solutions.
The code is properly formatted and grouped with similar solutions.
If someone has a reply for that solution, then it is all group in one place.

Clean and easy to read.

Now look at the guide post.
The solutions posted there by users are not verified to work.
The replies and discussions are all over the place.
And it is very disorganized.

IMO that was the issue with the guide post replies.
There needs to be organization for it to be effective.

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I appreciate the thought that has gone into it.

From my point of view I just wanted to see all the different solutions people come up with and show off my own.

It is certainly a messy thread. I was hinting at that in my last line; that it could be a separate evergreen thread for people to just spam the solutions into.

Community is good, but also reading other peoples code is an important way to improve your own. Feels like there could be a middle ground.

Anyway, by the time it’s implemented it will be too late for me, but I just wanted to share a users perspective about what was missing from my experience.

Thanks for your replies.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts :grinning:

I should also mention that the challenges will be replaced by the new all project based curriculum.

So the guide would no longer exist.

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Hey there,

Thank you, for taking the time to share your thoughts.

I just wanted to add: One of the main issues with the current/previous guide post solution threads is, when a challenge gets/got changed/updated, the solutions became invalid. So, Campers looking at them, would, inevitably be looking at incorrect solutions.

I have not calculated it, but I imagine most of the challenges have gone through breaking changes, since the v6 curriculum was introduced.

Otherwise, ditto to the suggestions given by the replies to this thread.

Good point, this could have been solved by creating a dedicated thread and bumping it upon question revision but sounds like there is a major restructuring on the way which will make all of this mute.

I guess I’ll just keep on being quietly proud of my code snippets and then moving on :stuck_out_tongue:

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