[Feature Request] I would like to check others solution after completing algorithmic challenge

As a freeCodeCamp user, after nailing my algorithm challenge, I would love to check other campers solutions in order to check how I can do this better.

Other campers can rate each others solutions in order to display them above rest.

I noticed this feature in CodeWars ( https://www.codewars.com/kata/sum-without-highest-and-lowest-number/solutions/javascript ) and I think that it is worth adding.

What do You think about adding this?


I’ve always enjoyed that feature on CodeWars too. I know the “Get a Hint” link on each exercise typically gives you two to three solutions varying in difficulty level, but I think being able to see and study other camper’s code could be really helpful.

While something as simple as a dedicated forum post for each challenge might work, there is the definite possibility of some campers just going there and grabbing a working solution to pass the exercise. I know CW gets around this by hiding solutions until you either pass the kata or forfeit your exp.

There would also have to be something implemented to organize and group similar solutions. I can imagine a forum post getting quite lengthy with a lot of repeated approaches. So if you could condense those together like CW does, that would cut down on clutter and help you find different solutions faster.

The problem with this is that thousands of people complete FCC challenges. Most of these are identical (or nearly so) and there are currently 1408 thousand challenges in the FCC curriculum. That means that keeping all those solutions is not only a huge amount of data to store, but also that the results would be so unwieldy that the value would be lost quickly.

We had to lock down the Guide topics in the forum because they just became a dumping ground for people’s solutions.

If you have questions about your solution or want to discuss some aspect of it, you are encouraged to create a forum post and you will almost always get really good responses.

What about showing just one good example solution to every challenge?

Click the Get a Hint button located on each challenge, to see some other possible solutions in the FCC Guide.

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Oh, yikes… Didn’t realize that. Thanks!