Where can I find (good) completed code for the challenges in freeCodeCamp for code review purposes?

I understand we are not supposed to look at someone else’s code while doing the project. But I am thinking more in terms of - after completing the project, I know my code is sub-optimal with a lot of room for improvement, it would be immensely helpful to look through a few sample completed codes (it has to be well written) to see how other people have implemented the same project and learn from them.

If you want something helpful, watch tutorials of people doing the projects on youtube. I tried looking at the code in people’s pens but realized people don’t comment their code(I don’t either), so you’ll be watching paint dry. Watch tutorials from Stephen mayeux and coding tutorials 360. It’s better because they explain what they do.

Some of the challenges have solutions in the Wiki section of this forum (for example Sum All Numbers In A Range). The Wiki needs work, but should continue to improve as campers contribute. Additionally, some campers have their profiles set to “public” (including me), maintain a FCC challenge repo (not including me), or both. Several of us who spend a lot of time on FCC with the purpose of helping try to comment our code if we know someone is planning to look at it.

Just google “fcc or free code camp + challenge name” and you should be able to find several examples of any challenge you might be looking for. Remember that you will get the most out of the challenges if you work through it yourself. The hints in the wiki can be good if you are stuck, just try not to scroll down to look at the completed code. If I do look at completed code I try to wait at least a couple hours to solve the problem. That way I still have to write it myself. Goodluck!

As others have said, the wiki has a lot of solutions, some articles even describe different solutions for the same algorithm with a few levels of complexity. If you’d like to look in my profile I have commented a lot most of my scripts, and if you dig enough in the forum you’ll find plenty of people who did the same, you will not run out of reference :slight_smile: