Speaking of Python

Do you agree with this post? I think it’s an excellent point of view about nowadays programming choices, but I’m not much skilled to compare

it depends, technically speaking “I don’t care” doesn’t translate, I skim through the post , but the thing with python is that’s is slow in pure but you mustn’t use it alone , The wrappers and the api for python is the source of it’s huge popularity,

now when we talk about web or mobile , i think in the future , python usage will increase there,
there’s a dangerous point here which is " holding tight to your opinion" or " to your programming language"

Well, in the article, the opinion on Python usage is extremely positive, despite its slowness. Because the slow point isn’t the language anymore, in many practical sectors: in web dev, communications issue (client-server etc) will be more and more slow than the language would. So, is it really a good point of view to say “I don’t want to use Python because it’s slow!!” when it actually increases the speed of development with its semplicity?
That was the critic and I agree with it and with you when you say python usage will increase, expecially in web dev. On mobile I still have some doubts, because python wouldn’t be for “native” app… but we stay and see :slight_smile:

Python is so well designed and clean, that I honestly thing the speed trade off is very, very much worth it. You really appreciate this after learning the mess that is JS (or PHP) or work in moderately large Java/C++ project.

Plus it has brilliant frameworks for the web (Django, Flask, Bottle) AND it’s pretty much the language for general scientific computing. You can basically write any matlab program with numpy + scipy, and then integrate into a Django server seamlessly. The only time I wouldn’t use it is when speed is critical (say AAA games or native mobile apps), otherwise I’d code everything in Python if I could.

Also PyPy and Cython are really good options for those willing to write performant Python code.

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Totally agree!
I’ve studied C++, I’ve done two exams on it and wrote my degree thesis on a project based on it (moderately large C++/Matlab AR project).
I still know NOTHING about it :smiley:
I just know enough about its rigor to understand how messy could be JS, instead…

I’ve just started to learn Python (and Django for web dev). I’m totally enthusiastic about its clearness! :open_mouth:
I totally agree with the article too when it says the time you don’t waste in development is the real gain and I only can image the gain in maintaining it


For fun :smiley:

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Actually, I agree. I love Phyton but just for you know it’s a very complicated language which can lead to a lot of errors if you don’t use it correctly. If you want you can try using a program to deal with those errors. I tend to use checkmarx which gives some nice results. So just learn how to use it wisely.
Good luck!