Could you explain the advantage of Python?

I think Python language has many advantages. I’d like to know about it clearly. some one teach me, please.
in the case of speed, application to AI, Web dev, or something.

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if you try researching, what do you find on your own?


in the case of speed, application to AI, Web dev, or something.

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It’s designed to be readable, it’s easy to learn and to use, it has massive user base and community, it has solid libraries available for almost anything you might want to do. It’s a perfectly good choice for most things, that’s key.

You’d have to qualify what you mean by that. It’s not “fast” compared to hand-written and optimised C code, for example, but why does that matter? It’s a scripting language primarily, you glue fast things written in other languages together with it. You wouldn’t use Python to write a database system or a 3D game engine or the underlying number crunching layer used for an AI application, but you may well write the scripting layer in it.

As @ilenia says, what did you find out by researching? All above points appear in multiple articles on the first page of Google results, what is it that isn’t clear from there?


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Python is a high-level programming language that has English-like syntax. This makes it easier to read and understand the code.

Python is really easy to pick up and learn, that is why a lot of people recommend Python to beginners.

You need less lines of code to perform the same task as compared to other major languages like C/C++ and Java.

I hope this will help you


I also want to know the advantages of python . can anyone explain


I hope this blog will help you, Do read-

And if you are a beginner and want to learn python-
read this-


Hello, @anand9796. thank you for your reply.
It’s true Python is a high-level P Language that has en like syntax.

Thank you @kmbodia, @richards12, @Smith_Johnes.
Your replies helped me a lot.
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Thank you for sharing very helpful

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Think you should weight all its pros and cons.
This language doesn’t only have pros. You must be aware of disadvantages, then decide, if it is okay for you.
Perhaps this article will help you: Pros And Cons Of Python Which Can Benefit Your Business - Inoxoft