SpeedRun March 20 - Python Crash Course Book

0: Hello Fellow Programmers, I’m back.
1: Back from…?

0: I just wanted to post my Github link of where I left off in Python Crash Course book (2nd Edition, and I Overstand there is a 3rd Edition).

I went up to Chapter 9. Somehow, even in my Computer I’m missing a good Chunk of the latest Practice I was going through within that Chapter. It deals with Classes and…

And that’s why I’m doing a Speed Run on it, To get what I’m even talking about (Computer Talk as a Software Developer told me recently).

I read the Intro as well and seems like it is worth Focusing on Python for a while again. I’m looking forward to the Projects I was Aiming for, especially the 2D Game. I read again that once I get it, I’ll be able to Create other 2D Games (and/or to know Programming a lot better).

There are the “Try it Yourself” Sections within each Chapter to Grasp what’s being learned which makes it a Plus Plus in my Journey,

More of an Accountability to Self in reaching higher level in Programming after taking time away from Programming overall within: (early Tiers in P1xt’s Guide, and a few free Bootcamps like Odin Project).

Looking to catch up to where I left off and continue further from there.

The question would be off topic, such as Freelancing as a Web Designer from Scratch and/or Wordpress. Or anything that’s geared towards Software Development, as I’m Climbing again.

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