HyperSkill.org (Python Resource)

Just a quick note on this interesting project based site, Hyperskill! FCC (I believe) will have python challenges in 7.0 this year, but I came across Hyperskill from JetBrains and it is a good resource where you build projects as well. Just an FYI for anyone interested. I just came across this, but it looks very good.

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I moved your topic to “Reviews”. After you play around with HyperSkill more, you can even add a rating to your thread.

thx. looks promising.

It’s a good resource for learning Python, for sure, but it’s an even better for learning Java. The Java Developer curriculum is by far the most complete. I learned a lot last year when I focused my studies on Hyperskill.
The best part is that it’s all for free while it’s still in development. We don’t know how they’re going to make money out of it, so if it ends up being behind a subscription and you’re not willing to pay, make sure you take the most out of it while you can. It used to have a lot of mistakes in the texts, like typos and oddly written paragraphs (probably because they weren’t written by a native English speaker) but it has improved a lot as far as I can see. Many topics that also weren’t very well explained were rewritten too. And if you follow the changes for a while you start noticing them adding new content and rearranging the curriculums to make them cleaner and easier to navigate.

Oh, btw, it integrates with JetBrains’ IDEs, IntelliJ (if you’re learning Java or Kotlin) or PyCharm (if you’re learning Python). This means that with the click of a button you can send an exercise or even the project you’re working on from Hyperskill straight to the IDE and work on it where you should be working on it. The integration used to have some bugs but from my experience it looks like they were fixed.