Starting to see the light

I have been a longtime lurker but have been learning web development with FCC for the better part of two years. I just finished a longtime project that I have been working on and wanted to share with the only community I thought would appreciate it. It is a simple CRUD app, but one that is my own idea and I have struggled with for the better part of two months while going to school and working fulltime. I finally got user authentication finished and now just need to work on encrypting user passwords, finishing one of the update routes and finally refactoring. What I really want to share is that with all the struggles and doubt that I have had it is nice to have something to say is my own finally. I have done a couple of simple pages before but something about getting the front and back end to finally cooperate is rewarding. I hope all those that are struggling like I did to stay motivated stick with it, you have learned more than you realize and better than you give yourself credit for. All the stuff that goes into creating webpages can be overwhelming but it gets better, there will come a time when pieces just start fitting together. Sorry if this is sort of a random rant, I am just excited.

Oh and if anyone wants to check out my simple site here it is: