Starting with non-profit projects as a front-end


I hope to finish my advanced algorithms and the projects in upcomming 3-4 weeks. I’ve been waiting for it to start my non-profit project. But after I read through the “How non-profit projects work” I have found that I also have to finish back-end and data visualisation tutorials, which are, well… not so many of those, or even none, basically just the projects.

So my question is do I have to finish those or is there a possibility to start with front-end-non-profit-project ? :smiley:

The final non-profit projects are only available to people that have completed the first 3 certificates. You’re paired with someone equally qualified and you are both responsible for the implementation of a full stack, real world app.

Keep plugging away and you’ll get there in the end :slight_smile:

Looks like i will have to, then a bit off topic question, how do I find a pair ? Do i get pair or do i have to find it ?

I haven’t been through the process yet, but as I understand it, you are matched with another coder and a project manager.

You should find someone for yourself.
It is better to do so because if you know someone already it is easier to work together.
Use the Chat (or maybe this forum) to meet other users and find friends, people you like or people you believe you can work with.


I may have misunderstood! If you just want a partner to pair with on challenges and projects, then @PJ-Coding is right: just ask around.

My answer was only meant for the final projects :slight_smile:

There is a pair chat room in gitter where you can find coding partners.