Step 4 BUG - Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form

I cannot go any further because of this bug. In the “Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form” in the recently launched (New) Responsive Web Design, the task tells me to add a self closing link. It continues " Give it a rel attribute value of stylesheet , a type attribute value of text/css , and an href attribute value of styles.css ."

I have done EXACTLY that. It double, triple checked. It is 100% correct. However, when I submit the code, I receive a check my code and " Your link element should be a self-closing element."

Everything on that page is 100% correct. Including the text for the title, etc.

Please help!

There must be some bug on the code.

Thank you,


Can you share your full code?

you need to write the self closing element as <link />

It’s a small bug that is being ridicolously difficult to fix

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