Step 54 - Cat Photo App

Please help me with step 54.
I am trying to create a checkbox with the option loving but it keeps saying that my code doesn’t pass. This is how I set it up : <input type=“checkbox”“Loving”> It also says that the text Loving needs to be directly next the the checkbox but then checkbox doesn’t work with loving inside those quotation marks. Please help me

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here is the link:

Also post your whole code you have in the challenge editor using three back ticks (```) in a separate line, above and below your code block.

You should not add the text Loving within the <input>, instead of add it after input element with a space.

It doesn’t work, It says that the text loving needs to be directly to the right of the checkbox

Without seeing your code, I can’t help you. I gives the solution in above post.

It won’t let me add the code

Thank you hasanzaib1389, I just restarted the website and then tried what you said before. thanks

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Use back ticks , instead of screenshots.

Here is the back ticks:


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Here is the corrected code…Try this and make sure there is a space between the input element and Loving option

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