Step 63 issue, in need of some thoughts and advice

I already made the anchor link for my code. Yet, it’s saying I need to nest it in between the footers. This makes no sense to me as I’ve already created the link. Any help here?

Here’s my code:

No Copyright - <ahref=></a>

Link to the challenge:
Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App: Step 63 |

You need a space between a and href :slight_smile:
It also wants to be nested in the anchor tag
Also make sure to use quotes around your href values, at times its not needed but its for best practice and considered bad practice to not do so:

No Copyright -
is the result you want

Hmm, I tried your advice and no luck here from my end. When I separated the a and the href value, it tells me that my a element should have an href attribute. So for that, I put the a and href together. After that, it then tells me I need to place it between the footer.

you need a space between the element name and the attribute

and some text inside the element

I’ve done that, it says I need my anchor element to have an href attribute.

Can you resend you code to show the changes you made so far?

No Copyright - <a href= ""></a>
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Ah i see, the test shouldnt be saying the href is wrong but rather you gave the link no text.
It has the address but lacks the…“something” for the link to show as.

Adding in the anchor tag would solve :slight_smile:

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Try this, it’ll work.
Happy coding.

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would the space after the <a> break the test for there being an extra space?
Underscores used as spaces since it’s whitespace protected.

It worked, it’s just that Capitalization is so tedious and detailed. So, the HTML link just needs no capitalization.

Also, your advice helped on adding, so the link can show up on the webpage in the challenge. Thank you so much.

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